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About Le Silla Brand

Enio and I would like to tell you a story, but if we tell you how it all started you won't believe us ... We think it’s better to tell you how we became excited, how we discovered the passion and fun of losing ourselves in dreams, shapes, heels, colours and accessories.

It all started 20 years ago with that image of a new femininity in black and white that our friend and photographer Sergio managed to materialize on the steps of a converted church. Beautiful and as unusual as it was unique in its disappearance. We started off with the famous 10cm seduction giving shape to a personal idea of seduction and femininity.

Today the collections landscape is much larger and more attentive to the needs of women, from everyday needs to special occasions; with the inevitable urban contaminations that give that "rock" accent to the collections. Style, luxury, Made in Italy even in the most difficult periods for Italian fashion, have always been the leitmotifs of our business.

We opened our first boutique in wonderful Milan, convinced that the international character of the city would help create the right allure for the brand and the products. The next choice, Florence, was based on our passion for the fascination that we experienced every time we stayed in that sweet city. After these first two baptisms we dedicated ourselves to expanding the retail network by extending our multibrands and different strategic single brands over a vast area: Moscow, Dubai, Baku.

The openings schedule is intensifying with our boutiques and corners in Dubai, Kuwait City, Riyadh, Almaty, Bucharest and Moscow. In the first half of 2014 we will also celebrate our double locations in Moscow and Dubai. The trend of double digit growth over the last 4 years has been very satisfying as it has allowed us to plan new productive investments, a range of diversified communications campaigns and interesting development plans for our products.

All this has convinced us to take on a redesign of the brand which we have grown to love. We have characterized it with a new font that represents an elegant collection of forms from our past and a contemporary design. We have added the stylistic touch of a small letter creating an apostrophe in a proper name so that it does not lose its unique character. Today, the new logo is the candle on our twentieth birthday cake and we would like to blow it out together with our wonderful customers. Finally, we believe that every great opera depends crucially on a large orchestra consisting of strings, flutes, basses and drums that play with the excitement of the opening night and with the same passion as always.

It is in the same vein that our thoughts go out to all the people who have travelled with us on this ambitious project.

Boys and girls who have become men and women of talent, personality and sacrifice have made themselves instruments for this wonderful concert.