Kid Store

Part of Marques Avenue Troyes Mode
114 Boulevard de Dijon, Saint-Julien-les-Villas, Champagne-Ardenne, 10800, France


Kid Store is a part of Marques Avenue Troyes Mode is situated in Saint-Julien-les-Villas, Champagne-Ardenne, France.

Catimini, Kenzo, Lili Gaufrette goods are sold with discounts in this outlet. You can find dresses & skirts, eyewear, jackets & coats, pants & trousers, perfumes & fragrances, shirts & blouses, shorts, suits & blazers, t-shirts & polos & tops, watches here.


114 Boulevard de Dijon
Champagne-Ardenne 10800

GPS Location

48.273595°, 4.086760°
N 48.273595°, E 4.086760°
48°16’24.9"N, 4°5’12.3"E

Working Hours

Mon–Wed: 10:00–19:00
Thu: 9:30–19:00
Fri: 10:00–19:00
Sat, Sun: Closed

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Steven reviewed Finsbury Outlet

The store is very attractive and the collections are very rich, many colors and sizes are available, but quality is average.

8 months ago