Marques Avenue Talange

Marquès Avenue, Talange, Lorraine, 57525, France
Outlet Mall


Marques Avenue Talange is situated in Talange, Lorraine, France and offers the following amenities to its visitors: baby changing facilities, board nursing, car parking, car wash, gift cards, rest areas .

You can find more than 77 brands offered in 68 outlets here. In Marques Avenue Talange you will find discounts on accessories, beauty products, clothes, foodstuffs, household goods, jewelry.


Marquès Avenue
Lorraine 57525

GPS Location

49.230334°, 6.181271°
N 49.230334°, E 6.181271°
49°13’49.2"N, 6°10’52.6"E

Working Hours

Mon–Sat: 10:00–19:00
Sun: Closed


Baby Changing Facilities
Board Nursing
Car Parking
Car Wash
Gift Cards
Rest Areas