Fidenza Village

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Via San Michele Campagna, Località Chiusa Ferranda, Emilia-Romagna, 43036, Italy
Outlet Mall


Fidenza Village is situated in Località Chiusa Ferranda, Emilia-Romagna, Italy and offers the following amenities to its visitors: atms, baby changing facilities, car parking, children's play area, disabled access and wheelchair hire, frequent flyer programs, gift cards, information desk, international home delivery, mobile app, personal chauffeur service, personal shopper, public telephones, restaurants and cafés, shuttle bus service, tax free shopping, wi-fi .

You can find more than 122 brands offered in 126 outlets here. In Fidenza Village you will find discounts on accessories, beauty products, clothes, foodstuffs, household goods, jewelry.


Via San Michele Campagna
Località Chiusa Ferranda
Emilia-Romagna 43036

GPS Location

44.884080°, 10.091097°
N 44.884080°, E 10.091097°
44°53’2.7"N, 10°5’27.9"E

Working Hours

Mon–Sun: 10:00–20:00


Baby Changing Facilities
Car Parking
Children's Play Area
Disabled Access and Wheelchair Hire
Frequent Flyer Programs
Gift Cards
Information Desk
International Home Delivery
Mobile App
Personal Chauffeur Service
Personal Shopper
Public Telephones
Restaurants and Cafés
Shuttle Bus Service
Tax Free Shopping