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Horrible staff member (manager)

One of the staff members (Manager i guess, not sure though) treated people in a very aggressive way, and kept shouting at a group of people standing by the cashier!

we thought there was a specific situation that happened with them, until we noticed that this how she really treats customers!

After we tried on 4 different shoes, my daughter took the pair she was going to buy, and asked another staff member if she can leave this pair beside the cashier till I choose mine.

Then she went out to have a phone call till i finish, then i found this Lady coming to me accusing me that i stole a pair of shoes.. asked me to open my bags, or else she will call the security, I asked her to call the security and check the store cameras but she didnt! she only kept shouting and asked us to get out of the store immediately! we have been shopping for nearly 40 minutes inside! then she wanted us to leave just because she thought we stole something!

I opened up the bags for her, hoping she would shut up and apologize, and just continue buying our already chosen shoes, but she didnt, and still after she didnt find anything in the bags, she insisted she'll call the security and throw us out of the shop!

Now we are extreemly dissatisfied and horribly offended, but we couldnt reach the security office to make a complaint...

I Really need to reach someone, or make sure this reaches a responsible person, any help please?

10 months ago