Columbia Outlet

Part of Fidenza Village
Via San Michele Campagna, Località Chiusa Ferranda, Emilia-Romagna, 43036, Italy


Columbia Outlet is a part of Fidenza Village is situated in Località Chiusa Ferranda, Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

Columbia Sportswear goods are sold with discounts in this outlet. You can find footwear, sports gear, sportswear here.


Via San Michele Campagna
Località Chiusa Ferranda
Emilia-Romagna 43036

GPS Location

44.884080°, 10.091097°
N 44.884080°, E 10.091097°
44°53’2.7"N, 10°5’27.9"E

Working Hours

Mon–Sun: 10:00–20:00



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reviewed Fidenza Village
Loved the atmosphere

Was here during summer. Although lots of tourists are wandering around I loved the atmosphere of people being happy with finding lots of good clothes for affordable prices. I'm not a fan of shopping myself, was here to please my wife – she was super delighted.

17 months ago
Tim reviewed Ottica Avanzi Outlet
No amenities

Very wide place with many stores that have grid offers and discounts, everything you want you can find it here but no food court or kids area.

13 months ago
Maggie reviewed Cesare Paciotti Outlet
Good quality

This store is spacious and organized has great collections of footwear with good quality and stylish designs but the sizes are unavailable.

13 months ago